Lower costs

  • Of course you want to economize – but not on quality

    PassworD understands you need to economize yet safeguard quality.

    Which is why we translate your documents with translation-assisting software. Repetitions in the text are instantly recognized by these tools. This saves time and cuts costs. What’s more, the software automatically transfers all figures correctly and subtracts them from the volume of material requiring translation – yet another source of greater efficiency.

    PassworD does not use Machine Translation (MT). However, we are following developments very closely and frequently test MT quality. Once MT becomes professionally feasible and beneficial both to you and to us, we will invest in it.

    We also apply a transparent system of hourly rates, based on the actual number of hours required. After careful analysis of your text, you receive a quotation covering all your requirements – so you know precisely where you stand. And if you still have any questions, then we are keen to visit you personally for further briefing!

    Deel dit!

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