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    Your organization cherishes its international contacts. And that’s why you’re acutely aware of how important a ‘perfect’ translation is. After all,  the road to success is paved with good translations. Like literary alchemists, PassworD’s translation specialists transform your message into the required languages, ensuring your clients are the primary focus throughout. And that’s precisely the approach that guarantees your text hits its target – your target audience. But how do you know for sure that we deliver the quality you require? PassworD is certified by Kiwa to NEN-EN 15038, the Dutch version of the European norm for translation services. Compliance is assured by meeting stringent requirements in quality care, service provision and management. This ensures that all the steps in the translation process are transparent and verifiable. And you can bank on that. What’s more, we combine these strict procedures with cutting-edge technology. PassworD employs automated translation tools. This ‘Computer Aided Translation’ software guarantees your documents are translated consistently and efficiently. Moreover, your text is always translated by a mother-tongue speaker, or native speaker. PassworD has an extensive international network of experienced professionals for all main languages. Furthermore, we have a team of in-house translators and correctors. And that means you benefit from very short lines of communication.

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