• Come Sail The Seven Cs With Me – Correct

    Come Sail The Seven Cs With Me – Correct

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    The eighth in a series of blogs comparing ocean-going navigation with The Seven Cs of Commercial Communication. Today we tackle Correct.

    Keep it tight…
    Modern boats, especially powered vessels, are bristling with smart technology and complex integrated systems. More than ever before, owners need to have a broad technical grasp of highly advanced devices, appliances and electromechanical networks. Just think of the myriad electronically controlled systems a new boat requires. Navigational and nautical communication aids. Aircon/heating installations, domestic conveniences and desalination units. Engine, hydraulic and battery monitoring and control equipment. Not to mention entertainment and security features.

    And if you captain your own vessel without a crew, you will have to be able to at least identify and engage relevant back-up systems in an emergency, if not repair failed units or components. All while at sea. In a storm. At night. When you are tired and hungry. The scope for rapid escalation of serious problems is huge. Which is why such a vessel must use the correct voltages, pressures, components, filters, bearings, software, hardware, apps, etc., etc., etc.

    … get it right!
    This factor ties in nicely to our section on Current, as a text must not only be up-to-date, but must also be verifiably correct. Both in terms of language usage and of content. And given the vast smorgasbord of linguistic tricks and terms at our disposal these days, weaving them together successfully is not unlike operating the complex system networks on board a modern ocean-going vessel. Yet practice makes perfect. So dare to be different. Go on, give the pedants paroxysms. But do it with a text that is relevant and right – current and correct. Ensuring your textual vessel carries your message to your reader’s heart effectively and efficiently.

    Next week we conclude our series on The Seven Cs of Commercial Communication


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