• Come Sail The Seven Cs With Me – Conclusion

    Come Sail The Seven Cs With Me – Conclusion

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    The ninth and final instalment in a series of blogs comparing ocean-going navigation to The Seven Cs of Commercial Communication.

    Captain’s log…
    In conclusion, the similarities between navigating the world’s oceans and navigating the world of commercial communication are manifold. Preparation is key. A well-prepared boat will convey its passengers to a predefined destination in safety and comfort. Likewise a well-prepared text will convey your message to its ultimate purpose – engaging the reader – in a stimulating and memorable way. Consistency though is paramount. Both in terms of vessel maintenance and underlying textual structure. And image and content are equally important. In a good text they are inseparable companions. Two sides of the same coin. Substance and aesthetics working together to create a successful synergy. A symbiosis that gives your text a power and a punch beyond the sum of its words. And texts that are clear, clean, crisp, concise, current, complete and correct have a greater probability of successfully engaging your intended audience.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed our little excursion these last few weeks. I know I have. More importantly I hope you have learnt something useful. Though like me you are unlikely to ever sail into the ‘wild blue yonder’, you probably do need to communicate on a daily basis. Some of that human interaction will be commercial. Remember our little adventure next time you have to draw up a commercial communication. Above all, this form of human interaction can be immense fun. There’s nothing quite like the sense of fulfilment at having crossed The Seven Cs successfully. At having navigated the dangers safely and conveyed your message clearly to a far shore – engaging your reader. So here they are again, in all their glory:

    The Seven Cs of Commercial Communication Clear, Clean, Crisp, Concise, Current, Complete & Correct

    And, er, Bon Voyage!

    bon voyage

    Deel dit!

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