• Come Sail The Seven Cs With Me – Intro

    Come Sail The Seven Cs With Me – Intro

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    Being of Viking stock I have a persistent underlying yearning for the sea. Despite living in a semi-rural area of the Netherlands, enveloped in a gentle and agreeable green hue, my genes are Orcadian and my true hue blue. My heart suffers the Sea-Fever so eloquently articulated by John Masefield in his popular poem of the same name. So strong is this pull that I dream of sailing a sturdy passage-making yacht around the world. Something like a Nordhavn 68, or perhaps a custom-build 65′ twin-hull motorsailer. Not gonna happen, of course. At least not on my current salary…

    Anyway, in lieu of real blue-water crossings, I’ve had to resort to sailing a different body of waters – The Seven Cs of Commercial Communication. To make safe and enjoyable passages across oceans, there are a number of key strategic factors that must be considered at the planning stage. This is not unlike commercial communication, where the waters are your audience. And a safe crossing the extent to which your readers internalize and engage with your intended message. Let us therefore compare and contrast the passage-maker’s checklist with The Seven Cs of Commercial Communication.

    Incidentally, it is said that the most dangerous object on any private vessel is its schedule. In other words, if your movements are determined not by weather and sea conditions, but by your need to get somewhere at a certain time, your focus is faulty and your risk of life-threatening problems greater. The same could be said of commercial communication (though mortal danger is unlikely to be an issue!). If due to planning constraints and budgetary limitations you lose sight of the purpose of your utterance – to communicate with your intended reader – your text’s effectiveness will be severely affected.

    So which facets of preparation do our two forms of sailing have in common? Over the next month or so I shall be posting one blog a week on each of The Seven Cs, starting next week with Clear…

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