• Come Sail The Seven Cs With Me – Clear

    Come Sail The Seven Cs With Me – Clear

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    The second in a series of blogs comparing ocean-going navigation with The Seven Cs of Commercial Communication. Today we tackle Clear.

    Make it clear from the start…
    One crucial process in the preparatory phase of any seagoing voyage is to decide on a clear route plan. Ultimately you are aiming to convey your chosen vessel and its occupants from one place to another in safety and comfort. This means avoiding known dangers like subsurface outcrops, exceptionally strong currents and treacherous shallows. It also involves accommodating less quantifiable risks, such as potentially escalating weather events. Busy shipping lanes must also be factored in, as well as refuelling and reprovisioning points. For the comfort of your passengers, it helps where possible to try and avoid complex and changeable swell/wave combinations. And to plan recuperative waypoints to allow guests to take stock of the journey so far.

    … and you’ll win their heart!
    Since communication is all about transferring the meaning and force of your message to your target audience, clarity is essential. This is at heart a strategic process – you cannot convey a message clearly if you don’t really know what it is you want to say, where it is you want to go. First and foremost then, some strategic thinking is required to ascertain the primary objective of your communication. Do you aim to convince people of an idea or simply transfer important information? Or is your intention to move them to action – to buy your product, for instance? Once the destination of your message has been clearly defined, avoid steering it into common communication pitfalls like saying the same things as your competitors. (What makes you different?) Try not to change the underlying tempo and direction in your text as you will only confuse your readers. And provide them with refreshing pit stops so they can take stock of what you’re saying. Summarize frequently.

    Next week we move on to Clean…

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